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White dress!

It had been a long and hot day that sunday! Some friends opted the idea to go drinks and have a cookout, little did i know how the night would end.
By the time it got to midnight we were all drunk and wanted more action so we decided to head to one of the local bars for more drinks and see if we found more people that wanted to have fun. As soon as I entered the bar I saw this tall women standing by the bar in a magnificent white dress that showed of her big ass and perfect tits. To my surprise one of my friends new that women and presented her to me without me telling him that I had been intrigued by her.
As the night passed I could not keep my eyes off her as I knew she had to be mine that night, and before the bar closed without hesitation I went straight up to her, got her by the hands and looked her to my car. Without a word I just started driving to the nearest hotel that I knew of, she kept asking me where we were going and I just told her we were gonna go have some fun, to which she only chuckled and said she was up to the challenge.
When we got to the room I put her down on the bed and started kissing and caressing her throughout her whole body to which she responded with moans and dropping of my bulge. i slowly took down her dress and started caressing her boobs while licking and kissing her nipples, I was loving every moment! Just when i thought the night could not get any wilder as I completely took off her dress, I noticed a bulged underneath her panties. I was about to have my first tranny experience!!!
She felt hesitant at first as she thought i would walk away, but to my surprise it made me harder and hornier, I took of my pants and boxers and told her to start sucking me, she went straight to it without a word and she knew exactly what she was doing, one of the best blowjobs i have ever gotten. As my urges and curoiusness grew I played her on her back spitted on her but hole and slowly started penetrating while for the first time I caressed her dick, to my surprise it got me even more hornier. I went for several minutes and decided to put her doggy-style, she had this tattoo that ran throughout her back which just made me want to fuck the shit out of her as she was moaning in pleasure.

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