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When I realized I was Bye and gay

I was a late bloomer I got married had kids bought a home had all the things to make a happy home but I was restless

i needed something else. I was going out with other women about once a week and it was fun and sometimes very hot i even had a few three somes but I always felt I needed something more. One night when I was driving home there was this girl standing a crosswalk waitting for a taxi she was very hot so I put down the passanger window and offered her a lift she got into my car, the signal changed and as we drove on she told where she wanted to go, I said thats a different type of nightclub she said that yes it was. I asked her if she was a lesbian she laughted and said no she was a transexual and that she was going to meet some gurl friends there, if I wanted to meet here friends I though if they look has good has her it could be a new experience so I accepted her invitation. We headed to this club will call the Foxes House there was a guy at the door who let us in. We walked in to the blaring music and to many gay and lesbian, what looked like real girls that turned out tobe transexuals or shemales this is what she explained to me.

The place was packed it smelled to stale purfume and sweat not bad it actually got me started with a hard on. We found her friends they were has hot has her and all taller than me. We sat and ordered a bottle of scotch with soda, water, and ice, we had drinks all around I ask her if she wanted to dance she got up took my hand lead me to the dance floor it was old rock and roll when that set ended they started a couple of slow ones and we danced real close and I could feel her body against mine she was hard all over, she could feel me that I already had a hardon. She reminded me of what she was and I said that was OK that I wanted to try something new. We walked back to our table we sat down, she reached over and we kissed with all tongue all the way to my tonsils. I was so hot and horny that with her other hand she reached for my cock and rubbed me through my pants I almost came in that intense I wisppered into her ear go slow I want to try everthing with you she said O K we can go to her place. We left the night club and headed to her place she said to stop and buy a bottle of something so we can have a drink.

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