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What Lies Beneath (Part 2)

A RENDEZVOUS WITH SUZY – What Lies Beneath (Part 2)

We woke in the morning, showered and dressed before going down to make breakfast.
Mia must have planned this all with the girls in advance because she had packed a small suitcase with some day clothes for us both.
The sun was streaming through the large kitchen window.
Suzy and Anita were still in their room so we made breakfast and had a final cup of coffee before leaving a note on the table saying we would be back by eight that evening.
The day was perfect for a walk to the lake in the park and even more perfect walking beside Mia in tight black leather pants and top underneath her ethnic poncho.
After walking for a while we sat besides the lake talking, and planned the rest of the day.
Mia began talking about yesterday: ”You know before we slept last night? Well… the reason I was so horny was because I had popped my favourite little bullet in my pussy before we went to supper – it really does vibrate and get me going.”
“Really, that explains a lot,” I said with a wide grin.
We set off and found a nice little bistro for a spot of lunch before hitting the shopping area.
We only really window-shopped until we found a discretely fronted erotic boutique.
The door opened into a virtual treasure trove with separate areas for toys, clothes, furniture and more – all discretely partitioned off to allow privacy for each section. There were changing rooms behind a door at the end of the store with the clothes areas either side of the door.
Mia headed straight towards the clothes: PVC, leather, and latex, satin, silk all from subtle to extreme. I wandered around, looking, and then buying some scented creams and oils.
We checked time and left the store with me carrying a smallish bag and Mia with two large ones, which she kept secret – no matter how much I questioned her.
We still had a few hours left so we searched for, and found, a great little blues joint with just the right atmosphere a music bar where we could have a little something to eat with a few drinks to while away the time before hailing a cab and heading back to Suzy’s house.

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