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What Lies Beneath (Part 1)

A RENDEZVOUS WITH SUZY – What Lies Beneath (Part 1)
It had been a busy last day of the week in the office and I had started something that needed a little more time to complete. The office was quiet with most people having already left. It was a great opportunity to finish with no interruptions or distractions.
I knew my girlfriend Mia would be expecting me soon so I reached for my phone and called her. “Hey hunny, I’m going to be a little late tonight as I have some work to clear up. It should only take an hour or two.”
“Okay sweetie, no problem. I think I’ll go and visit my friend Suzy. Come and meet me there. I’ll text you the address,” she replied.
We said our normal sloppy goodbyes and I got back into work.
It only took about an hour to finish and I began to shut down the computer and tidy my desk. I looked at the text message and knew the address was only around fifteen minutes away by car. I hadn’t used the car today and really didn’t relish the thought of using the subway – I’d order in a cab.
I replied to Mia’s text message… ‘I’m leaving now. Should be there in about 15-20 minutes’ and then made my way down to the entrance lobby to await the cab. The cab arrived shortly after and we were on our way.
After a short while the cab pulled into street lined with Georgian buildings. “We’re here,” the cab driver said and I paid him and left the cab. I walked up the half dozen or so steps to the main entrance with the porch light. I eyed the house up and down from basement to second storey – it was in good shape, and then reached for the traditional doorknocker.
Mia came to the door. She was dressed in one of my favourite outfits of hers – a sumptuous, knee length, classy black leather dress that wrapped around her every curve sensuously moving with her like a second skin. The slit in the front was just long enough to allow the occasional glimpse of lower thigh just above her over-the-knee black leather boots. Her locks were held back by a wide black leather tie band and she had a pair of short black leather gloves on. She looked incredible.

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