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What If My Mom

Country Boys with a Difference

I loved my Brother's cock, don't get me wrong, it's just what happened and our Mother loves our cocks as well as she loves our breasts. Let me explain.

It all happened when I was 13 and my brother was 11. Ours was a happy family living in the hill country of Kentucky, way back in the hills, but we were not 'hill - billy's'. Dad had a good job with General Electric, a aircraft designer and Mom was a teacher at the local high school. I don't know why we got sick but we did.
Bobby and me, boy did we get sick.

Dad and Mom were real worried I got told later, Dad couldn't take time of work so Mom had to take us to the hospital. Then we were there for a week as the Doctor's ran tests Mom told us later. We talked a lot latter, Mom and Dad tried to explain but it was Mom taking care of Bobby and me that told me all about IT.

We had been 'exposed' to something. Nobody had told Dad and Mom what, exactly but the man from Washington was very helpful. All the hospital bills were paid and Dad got a raise. Mom got time off school to help us. It was very strange to my 13 year old brain. Bobby didn't worry as long as he could watch his cartoons.

It was about a year latter that 'thing's started to happen to us, Bobby and me. Mom and Dad had kept a watch on us but as time passed and there was nothing, well, we all thought no more about the strange sickness!

But just before summer break, 14 going on 15 with all the 'normal' teenager hormones, I was thinking about asking Dad if I could invite Peggy Sue over to swim when my chest hurt. We had been told to tell Mom or Dad when anything changed.

This was a 'change', boy it hurt, I was nearly crying by the time Mom got home.

"Mom it hurts, real bad".

"What hurts Joe, I need to know more!". I could see the old concern in her face.

"My chest" I said as I lifted my t shirt. I didn't expect the look on Moms face, shock.

"OH MY..........., shit". This was not what I had expected. Of all the things Mom could have said........ I was worried.

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