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Wedding Night

Animated conversation, lots of affection and laughter – he was chatting to some of the guests at the reception, just waiting for her to get changed before they left their party. He stood to move to another table and as he turned he saw her walk in the door...tall, elegant, beautiful, curvy...and all his. She was wearing a long gown in a deep blue, neckline showing a hint of cleavage, fabric hugging her shape. A smile crept across his face, returned when she looked his way.

The reception was likely to carry on for another couple of hours knowing their friends and family, but they were due to leave...the MC called for quiet and wished them well on behalf of the guests. They kissed once again for the crowd to catcalls and wolf whistles, waved, turned and left the venue...a cab waited outside to take them to their evening destination.

He'd gone all out on arranging the wedding night – bridal suite at one of the local five star hotels, checking in earlier in the day so they'd be able to head up to their suite without any fuss. They drove into the basement, the driver got out of the car and opened his door, then as the groom got out. He moved around the car, opening her door – taking her hand, he assisted her out of the car. Bride and groom reunited on the other side of the car and made their way up to the suite as the taxi drove off.

Reaching the top floor they got out of the elevator and entered their room directly – they had the whole floor to themselves. She gaped - "How much did this cost?" she asked in an awed voice. "Need to know basis, honey" he smiled at her. He guided her towards the luxurious sofa, poured champagne and they toasted their union.

She placed her glass on the table, slid across a little closer to him and leaned in towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder and kissing him gently on the forehead...then leaning in a little more, she brushed her lips against his. Succumbing to the passion of the moment they began to explore each others lips, tongues occasionally venturing out to touch, then beginning to dance as the mood deepened.

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