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We Both Had Our TG Stories

“Let’s all share the best moments of our TG stories today!” the woman said. I was once more at this support meeting for transgender people because I wanted to see Molly. The best part of these meetings was her giant pair of tits and I didn’t really need the support to accept the fact that my body now totally matches my brain.

It took me some time to ask Molly out because I didn’t know how she felt about dating a TG person and if our TG stories made all that too complicated. However, I did it and she came to have dinner with me at my place.

The dress she had chosen to wear that night clearly suggested that she wanted to see the results of my operation just as much as I wanted to see hers. We drank and laughed as the night went by. After a while, talking and making gestures I accidentally slapped her hand and spilled the wine on her dress. She looked down her great boobs and said. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

That was all I needed to hear so I grabbed those amazing jugs with both of my hands right away, and kissed her like my life was depending on it.

We were both naked in a second. I went down on her and started licking her brand new pussy. It smelled so nice. It smelled like sex and moist. Pressed my tongue that sensitive area just above her clit and let my tongue slip down to the gorgeous pink opening of her pussy. I stuck my tongue inside and moved it around.

I slowly put on finger inside, and then another, and then another. The fitted in so easily and she was so wet that I could pull them out and shove them back inside right away. I was fingering her hard while I was kissing her gorgeous tits, sucking on her hard nipples.

She screamed with pleasure as she came and grabbed my pants. I didn’t let her. “Let’s leave it at this for now” I said. Tomorrow, you are cooking the dinner and preparing the ‘dessert’”. She smiled at me and nodded, all gorgeous, naked and sweaty.

We both stopped going to those meetings. We had all the support and all the TG stories that we wanted t hear right here in our bedrooms.

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