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Just for the thrill of it all, I moisturized my freshly shaved body, combed out my long hair over my shoulders, and put on a pair of very short cut off denims, cuffed them even shorter, and a Betty Boop T shirt with the neck and sleeves cut out. I looked and felt very much on the fem side. Not really crossdressed, but without a doubt, sissified. I drove down the interstate to the nearest rest area and parked all the way at the end. I carried my little belly bag like a handbag, and walked to the rest rooms with a swish in my step and a grin on my face. Most people did a bit of a double take; a few looked a bit disgusted, but no one said a word as I walked by. I took my time at the map board and vending machines, and then bought a bottle of water and strolled out to the picnic table area. I saw a man walking toward me from the truck park area casually smoking a cigarette. He walked right up to the table where I sat with my water and said Hi. He told me that at first, from a distance as he watched me, that he thought I was a woman. I just smiled and said thank you. Then he asked me what I was thinking by strolling around all sissified and sexy looking. I told him I was thinking maybe the nice looking gentleman walking toward me might offer me a cigarette. The ice was broken, and we talked for awhile. He told me that he wasn't generally attracted to men, but that I'd managed to turn him on. I casually promised that I wouldn't make him gay, and that if he'd like to pretend a bit, I'd be thrilled to satisfy his need without asking for anything in return. We then walked to his truck and got in the sleeper compartment. We made out while getting naked, and I soon had him shooting a big load into my mouth. We've since gotten back together and took more time to please him, but the thrill of that spontaneous and very fast first time, will stay with me forever.
I love that he was so worked up with desire for me that he exploded in my mouth in minutes. I smiled as I swallowed and smiled as I walked, with even more of a swish, back to my car. Then I laughed at myself about the cigarette, because I don't smoke.

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