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Vegas Honeymoon to Remember

I had dated my wife (Carmen) for about 6 months before we decided to Marry. One evening we were soaking in the Jacuzzi together and drinking wine. She always wants to try different things, which makes our sex life wonderful. Carmen asked me if I ever had any fantasies.
I said I guess like most men to enjoy a threesome with another woman. Now believe me I am one of the luckiest guys in the world to have such a great person like Carmen, and I told her I would be very nervous about doing anything to risk destroying our relationship. Carmen is like most Latina girls lovely shaped butt, and looks fantastic in jeans as well as a short cocktail dress. I often tell her she has the most beautiful feet I have seen.
I asked her the same question, and she said she always liked seeing women’s breast jiggle and had a fantasy massaging a woman’s breast while I fucked her. She said she would be shy and would never take a risk with her friends. I thought that odd, because one of our friend’s (Abby) is very attractive and once at a party we were all just a little drunk and Carmen and Abby were doing sexy dancing and kissed each other on the lips since everyone dared them. It was actually a turn on at the time.
On to the story, we headed to Las Vegas for a week of honeymooning and marriage. We checked into the hotel, and went upstairs to find that the suite we reserved was terrible. Carmen like the hellcat she is went right down to the front desk, started raising hell, and low and behold we were upgraded to a fantastic suite with a view. The king size bed looked over the city and one wall was all glass.
After we unpacked she wanted to rest in the tub and insisted I join her. We stepped into the shower and turned on the rainfall affect, started kissing and fondling each other. Carmen put her hands against the wall and spread herself, I could not resist and went down to explore, tonguing her ass and tickling the button of her butt, just inserting my tongue enough to excite her then working to the front.

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