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Valerie masturbates in the morning

As a beautiful teenage trans with chest nut brown hair and black finger and toe nails working her way through college by working in an adult store at night I meet the best guys in the town where I live. As I awoke early in the morning at 6 am and showered dried my hair brushed my teeth and put on my face along with my perfume and walked into the kitchen of my apartment naked and horny as hell. As I mixed up my oatmeal with cherries blue berries and sun flower seeds along with some cinnamon and put it in the microwave to cook. I was drinking some orange juice thinking about this gorgeous blonde hunk that was in the store last night with his tight jeans and sleeveless shirt. As he was on my mind as a strong body builder it was driving me crazy on how he looked and I kept on dwelling upon him as my oatmeal was ready my cock was so hard that I couldn't think anything except relieving myself . I put my oatmeal upon the table and stood there in a daze with my hand around my cock that ached for an orgasmic release so I sat on the bar stool and started stoking my rock hard cock with my right hand. I had my eyes closed dreaming of being in the nude and fucking that dude. As I stroked my 6 inch cock with the purple veins sticking out I could feel the tingling in my cock as I started stoking it faster and faster playing with my balls with my other hand wishing that he were here. I lost my senses of what I was doing at the moment as I continued to masturbate as my breathing became harder and harder as my balls started tightening I knew that I was about to cum. As I finally lost control of my senses and my balls tightened and my cock quivered I stood up and shot off my white warm creamy load of cum all over the bowl of oatmeal that I had just fixed saying "Oh god, I'm cumming baby." As by breathing slowed down I put a T spoon in the oatmeal eating my own cum and getting my morning protein. As I finished the bowl with me thinking what a wonderful morning with things going better with cock. I finished my juice and brushed my teeth again looking at the clock noticing that it was almost time for me to leave so I put on my bra halter top along with my cut off blue jean shorts my tennis shoes grabbed by cell phone and purse and headed out the door to school.

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