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"University" Friend

University “Friend”

Finally I had earned a little more freedom. I was off out of my sleepy village and at university. I had a small flat in an apartment block all to myself in a nice enough part of town. I unpacked my clothes and settled down for my first quiet night in, but as I put a few of my more sexy items away, I changed my mind. I hopped in the shower and cleaned up my legs, arms and face. Everything else was kept smooth for ease. I let my now shoulder length hair dry off as I picked out an outfit. I decided seen as it was my first night in a new town that I should make a good impression. I laid out my new hot pink suspenders and belt, with the matching bra and thong. I topped it all off with a tight red dress coming to my knee and some deep red knee length boots. A cinch belt pulled everything in at the middle and I gave my hair a cursory brush over and put it in a loose, thick plait at the back with two small plaits running round the side. I applied a little lipstick to tie the look together and grabbed a small clutch and hit the town. A little investigating prior had revealed a small and appropriate bar a little ways into town. I chose to walk.

The looks from passers by were encouraging, a few “lads” whistled, and others turned heads to look. It gave me a warm fuzz that ran down my back. The club was tucked down on a small side street in the old part of town, music was softly beating out and the windows exuded a warm glow onto the pavement. I pushed open the door and headed inside.

There was a cosy seating area by the windows and a bar in the middle with the dance floor and music behind. I moved over to the bar and ordered a G&T and went over to a group of people and sat down with them. I enjoyed the confidence I had as Jessi, it was fun. The group introduced themselves and we headed over to a small booth at the front. We chatted and danced and drank the evening through. I was getting quite comfortable and really liked this guy called Matt. We talked through the evening and swapped numbers.

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