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Unforgettable First Time

I am in my late thirties and have known for a while that I have a sexy body. I'm 5'11", slim and athletic with little cherry butt and shapely legs. A lot of women have told me my body is sexy. A few men have mentioned it too. Sometimes I get photo-snapped at the pool or the beach. I've been lucky with women. I didn't realise at first but now I know that women can check out the bulge in a guy's pants and figure out if he has anything worthwhile in there. I do. I am told it is very nice indeed.

I have a steady girlfriend these days. She's small, big-breasted and sexually adventurous. I'm happy. My previous relationship wasn't so good. She was a terrible alcoholic, small, blonde, pretty, very cute tits and ass. She used to love to fuck her own ass with a dildo while I pounded her tight pussy. She liked me to pull out of her at the point of orgasm and cum in her mouth. I wish you could see her beautiful tits with pert nipples sticking out an inch and hard as rubber, and her "outie" pussy with its thin cover of strawberry blonde hair, her deep pink inner lips and puffy, slick outer lips. She used to moan loudly.

It might sound like I have always had it good but that isn't really so. There have been some times where I haven't had sex for months or even a year.

Maybe because my body is slim and sexy, I became turned on by it myself. It used to turn me on to masturbate in front of a mirror. I discovered that certain of my underpants turned me on more than others. It was only a short time before I discovered that women's panties turned me on most of all. About this time, I found that I liked playing with my ass to give me an extra turn on. I never shared either of these fetishes with a woman, but I nearly got caught a few times in my early 20s, when I had sneaked into a housemate’s room to slip into her underwear and masturbate when nobody was home.

This continued for a long time. I found it a turn-on to take photos of myself posing in lingerie with a hard cock, and discovered that videos are even more fun. You might imagine these look dreadful but really they don't. My lithe, sexy body looks great in lingerie. I posted some of these photos and videos on Internet sites. The comments I got back said things like “You are amazing” and “My God, you turn me on.” I refuse to meet gay men.

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