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I went to a costume party dressed as a cheerleader quite some time ago,,It was the usuall drunkfest and I was the only guy dressed like a girl..To make a long story short,,I went on a beer run with a group of guys(5)and all was going fine untill stupid me did a cheer,,,2 bits 4 bits jump up and holler If you want a blow job IT'LL cost you a doller,,,Not the smartest thing to say,, they took a short cut to the store by way of a park,,We all got out of the car,,I was handed a five doller bill and told to get started.I thought they were jokeing,,,They were NOT.It took me a little over an hour to Suck Off 5 men.When we got back to the party I spent the rest of the night on my knees.The next morning I had 32 dollars in my purse.

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