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Uncle's slutboy: the attack of the black men

On the way home from Grandpa would I through a park. Or I would not. but the road outside was sooo long and I felt frankly a bit sore and spent in the ass after being violated by gramps. so I shortcut through the park. After all it was not that bad. Not like those dank places without light and a lot of staple drug dealers with their junkies and stuff. However, a lot of light and usually many people. So no danger there.
Could feel my g-string panties were completely mire into Farfars sticky sperm. Not an intrinsically bad feeling actually. I have not been treated so hard since my gymnastics coach raped me. Mmmh just tank causing it to source great in my sperm smeared asshole,

I was buried in my own thoughts and did not notice the two men approaching rapidly from behind. And when I finally discover them it is too late. I was forcefully gagged, blindfolded and my hands are tied faster than I could manage to scream. One of the men lift me up quickly and I feel I'm being carried. I wriggle everything I can and trying to scream through the gag, a hard slap makes me quickly on other thoughts. And I is quiet down the rest of the trip. I get thrown into something which is probably a trunk. gagged and bound I lie back there, and blind folded do that I can not see. We run into something resembling forever before we finally stop and I brutally dragged out of the car. Again, there are big hands that lift me up and carry me. I hear a door slam and can sense we go down some stairs and I get thrown on a mattress. And everything is quiet.

Bound, gagged and blindfolded. If it was not because I was awake could this very well be one of my naughty dreams. But this was real. I was directed me up a bit to sit, and tried to listen a little. Could hear something that maybe it was a breathing but I could not figure out who or what it was.I fear. Really scared.

Suddenly taken hold of me. My clothes were cut into pieces. Naked and with a big hand on my neck, i was pushed up against and turned back over something I think is a stone table.

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