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Transgender Biology

I remember one of my girlfriends from highschool telling me about how myself and anyone else in school would not even believe it was HER if she showed up without make-up some day...I had said oh c'mon yer gorgeous...she laughed and said " Actually, I am not haha! But I know HOW I WANT to Express Myself to people...... " So one weekend when I went over to her place , she greeted me with no make-up and yes, her face was as plain as a sheet of paper, not ' Not Good Looking ' but just yes...UNRECONIZABLE from her Daily Routine TOTALLY and COMPLETELY. I mean, if you could see the Two Versions of herself walking down the street in simultaneity Hand in Hand even! haha, ... then you would Surely BELIEVE they Are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE...haha. Yes. A Point I would like to make is about people who criticize Ladyboys saying things such as " Oh they just wear make-up and get fake breasts, but they are still just a GUY .... " etc....... - Well, the TRUTH IS, Beauty is NOT a thing which is Relegated only to the Female or Male Sex, specifically, and the Evidence for THIS is Everywhere. It is something the Religious PATRIARCHY in Particular likes to Cover Up(such as The Russian, Greek Orthodox Church and The Roman Catholics and Islam of course). I mean, what I just told you about my former girlfriend in highschool, her face with no makeup looked almost quite ' boyish ' in a way, yes....haha, even she thought so.... So , the bottom line is, People can Express the Way they Wish to LOOK to others any way they like, whether they Biologically Technically Female or Male. The Thai Civilization in particular has recognized and accepted this very fact for thousands of years. Europe and The West are a Long, Long Way BEHIND Oriental Asia in Understanding this Basic Principle in Biology.

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