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transexual watcher

so I was in the local sex store in the back they show videos . I was watching transexual babysitters 6 when I met her. She was blonde with pink highlights. She ask if I had ever fucked a tranny. Before I could answer she was completely engulging my pierced cock in her mouth. I was completely excited. I couldn't help but pull her up to be in her for real. Thats when my dream came true i slid up her skirt. then slid her panties to the side to find a little cock. She looked at me worried but before she could say anything I slid my pierced cock in her ass while never letting go of her small cock. It was a minute before she was fully hard. I kept pushing my cock deep into her ass. I was so excited I didn't care that I wasn't wearing a condom. It felt so good and when I exploded she came too. I didn't want to pull out ever. It was the greatest sex I had ever had. When I finally pulled my now drain cock out I asked for her panties to remeber my first tranny. Also I wanted a reason to see her again.

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