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Traci the Maid

Traci had gotten a job as a maid in a rich man's house. She looked just like any blond 26-year old woman - long legs, slender waist and high size C breasts. She had a heart-shaped face and giggled at all the right times. Only Traci had a secret that nobody at her knew job knew about - she had a 6" cock!

Traci sort of liked cleaning, and they gave her a uniform to wear at work, like a french maid's uniform only less revealing. Traci liked to tease the men in the house and was always finding ways to show more leg or a little more cleavage. She had also taken to wearing a garterbelt and stockings to work so she could show off her thighs over the top of the stockings.

The master of the house was out of town a lot, but she still had the two gardners, a major domo and a couple other men to entice as she happily straightened and dusted and cleaned. All in all, it was a good job - reasonable work, good pay, and friendly staff.

One day, after Traci had been working there for about two months, the master of the house came into the library as she was dusting books. He sat down at his desk and began opening files and looking at papers. Traci peeked at him as she dusted. He was very attractive, with a neatly trimmed beard, dark hair and a very athletic build. Traci felt very mischievous.

She made sure to dust the top books (how would he know they had already been dusted today?). That way, whenever he looked up, he would see her black nylons, garterbelt and white thighs. He would also see her black lace panties. It excited Traci to think about exciting this rich, powerful, attractive man. She felt her cock stir and tried to think about something else. An erection, she thought, would ruin her feminine appeal.

She made a little more rustling noise than usual, so that several times the master was interupted from his work to look up at her. She hoped she was getting to him. She must have been, because finally he said "Come here. I want to talk to you". He sounded stern and serious.

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