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Too Much Hospitality

Ash looked himself over in his bedroom mirror critically, finding himself oddly self-conscious about his looks.

He had been texting Laura all throughout the day and they had agreed that dressing pretty casual would draw the least suspicion, so he had. He wore a simple patterned t-shirt and some blue jeans, combined with a pair of trainers that he had at least taken the time to clean. But..

He bit his lip in consternation. It just didn’t feel right. He wanted to be as dressed up as he could possibly be, he wanted to look like a prince for her, it was the least she deserved after all for all that she was doing to teach him about himself. He let out a delicate little sigh and shook his head, he could make himself look better.

Pulling out a hairbrush he made the effort to run it through his dark hair as he stood before his reflection, judgingly eying himself over as he sorted his hair.

Curiously, he turned to the side to see a better angle of what really mattered and couldn't help but blush as he realized his own actions. Just a few days ago when getting ready to go out he would never have considered how his outfit would make his ass look, but this was just the sort of thing he thought about now. The belt around his waist seemed a little loose, causing the fabric to bunch slightly.

Ash set down the brush and pulled up his jeans, tightening his belt slightly, accentuating the bubble of his ass in the tightness of his fabric. It looked.. Alright, he supposed. He wondered if it would be good enough for her, since it was her approval and desire he craved after, after all.

Reaching for his phone he checked the time, an edge of panic settling in him as he realized it was already half five! He only had another thirty minutes before his date with Laura, which was hardly enough time to get suitably ready in. He bit his lip and wriggled out of his jeans, searching through his clothes for another, tighter pair, something to better display himself to her.

As he did so he couldn’t help but think about what he was doing and why as he struggled to understand the thoughts and feelings fluttering around inside of him.

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