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One night I went to a different club to check things out. By now, I
knew what I was looking for and where to find it. I was cruising the
area with several bars for people with my kind of preferences you
know women with more to offer a man.

I parked out in the lot and began to walk in as I did I noticed this
beautiful brunette with long legs. I was very interested in
following her into the bar. I rushed to open the door for her as she
just politely blushed and smiled at me. I tipped my head to her in
respect trying hard not to blush too. She smelled very beautiful,
the sweet smell of roses flowing from her as she passed by me.

I followed close behind her to see where in the bar she sat, she
joined her friends at a corner table. I sat at the bar nearest to
her as I could possibly get and keep in her in my eyesight. I sat
there nursing my Coke watching her dance and chat with her friends
trying to desperately avoid her eyes when she looked my way.

Suddenly, she was staring right back at me our eyes met and the
connection seemed to be instant. I just smiled, blushed and turned
my back embarrassed by my idiotic c***dish behavior. "Hello, my name
is Tonia." she said touching my arm to get me to turn and look at
her. "John" blushing profusely by now. "Your blushing, John. Are
you embarrassed to talk to me?" she inquired. " No, just embarrassed
by my c***dish behavior." I replied trying to contain my excitement.

"It's ok John, I understand some guys are embarrassed by liking women
like me. You flatter my by the attention." She said smiling at me
with her lovely red lips. "I am more embarrassed by my behavior. I
know I like women like yourself, beautiful and very sexy. I just
wish I wasn't so scared to approach you." I said with a hint of
trying to not be desperate. Desperately hiding my longing to hold
her close, to kiss her, touch her, feel her body next to mine.

"Would you like to dance John?" she asked as a slow song began to

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