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Tom Didn't Get A Choice

Tom Didn’t Get A Choice

This was Tom and I’s first date. We had met online, so he already knew that I was a very femme sissy crossdresser. Tom eventually asked me on a date. I happily said yes, knowing that I turned him on a great deal. On the evening of our date I wore a black dress that was very short with Six Inch heels. These were open toed, so my bright orange toe nails matched my fingertips. This looked great with my straw berry blonde hair and tanned legs.
I opened the door for Tom, a six foot tall, handsome and toned guy with gray hair. Smiling, he handed me a bouquet of roses as he told me hi. I love getting flowers almost as much as I do, receiving a man’s attention. Putting the roses in a vase I looked at Tom and said” Well” with a grin. Tom told me that he had planned to take me to dinner and a movie and that was as far as he got with the planning. Smiling at him, I said“ That sounds like a good start.”
We had nice dinner conversation and I really liked him. He held my hand as I walked ahead of him, leading him to an empty row of seats, kind of near the front, where no one else was sitting. This was one of those theatres with folding arm rest, so that was up as we sat in the middle of the row. I scooted over against him and he had his arm around me. Looking up at him, I smiled, and he leaned in and kissed me. We had already forgotten about the movie as we made out. No longer able to control my lust, I unfastened his pants and freed his cock. I stroked him, as we continued kissing. It did not take long before I was hungry for Tom’s cock. Pulling away from his face, I gave his lips a quick lick with my tongue, then moved my face down to his crotch. My mouth watered as I looked at his dick. A thick, Seven Inches, circumcised with an engorged purple head and some prominent veins. I continued stoking Tom as I flicked my tongue across his head and traced the outline with my tongue. Opening my mouth, I took his dick in and started sucking on it. I loved having my mouth full of cock and I liked the way his veiny shaft felt on my tongue. I felt his hands on my head as he started cumming. I swallowed spurt after spurt until Tom was dry. I looked up at Tom and asked” Would you like to finish the movie or take me home and fuck me?” We quickly left to head back home.

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