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Tipping Point -- Chapter 2: Bathroom Abuse

Chapter 2: Bathroom Abuse

Nick crawls down the hall. An office of pricy furniture opens into a relaxed hallway. He expects to to see is several bedrooms. But to his surprise each of the doorways open to something different. A nearly empty room with a telescope set and a few chairs, a computer room, a small gym, a small library, and an S&M chamber. His jaw drops as he crawl past the last one.

He looks up at Brandy. She walks beside him. She smiles back at him. He hurries his pace to keep up with her long strides. At least the plush carpet is forgiving to his knees.
He thinks to himself, “All of this luxury and equipment in one floor of a three-story house in the hills above the City. But, she seems so unlike the yuppies that live around here. What kind of woman is she? How does she afford such things?”

She leads him into a large bedroom. A lavender-colored quilt covers the bed. More Tiffany lamps. Two brass end-tables. A huge pink and gold tapestry hangs on the wall above the bed's headboard. Hieroglyphs outline its borders. Two nude women adorn its design. One of them is wearing a gold mask and a large strap on. The other woman is wearing golden chains, receiving it from behind, and is being wrangled in by chains held by two dog men standing behind the dominate female. To himself, “Where the fuck did she get that?”

“Crawl onto the bed. Stay on your knees.”
One limb at a time, He eases his tired body onto the bed.
In front of him, near the headboard, a pink, see-through, dildo rests on a white, satin covered pillow. “Without using your hands take the dildo in your mouth.” Gingerly, he bend downward onto his elbows. He uses his teeth to lift the dildo.

The dildo falls from his mouth. He turn his head to his left to look up at her. “Did you use your teeth on my cock?”
He looks back down at the dildo. It's lying at a different angle now. He uses his tongue and lips to lift and guide it's length into his mouth. To himself, “mmm, tastes like candied strawberries”.

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