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Three In A Day

Clara felf especially slutty today. She briefly gazed at her long legs shimmered
in the smooth, silky black stockings, and black patent leather pumps as she pressed
the gas pedal of her car. Her olive skin and black wig were set off by the brightest
shade of red lipstick she could find. Driving down the road, guys checked her out
when she stopped at redlights. Little did any of them know that Clara was really
a man... a transvestite.

Clara had only been dressing in drag about a year, but since she started it had become
a passion. Before last year, however, Clara only thrilled to the touch of panythose
on her legs or a nice slip. She was afraid to go all the way: to complete the transformation.

Knowing that it was really her destiny, Clara finally gave into her deepest desires
and began to collect a wardrobe in secret. Clara, was married to a woman you see.
A woman who had been attractive once, but now no longer held Clara's interest.
Besides, Clara's wife didn't have a penis, and Clara had always known that she was
bisexual, although she tried to hide it from herself. With her new wardrobe of thriftsotre
finds and a wig from the Korean ladies shop, Clara quickly headed down the road of

Now that she was in drag, Clara felt completely at ease. She knew she was only close-to-passable.
She was a tall girl, 5'11, 160 making her rather large for a woman. But hell, though
Clara, "Cindy Crawford is 6'0" and I don't know of any man that would turn her away."
Near the next light, Clara pulled her nerdy little Mazda into the parkinglot at
the Adult bookstore.

Opening her door, Clara strode into the Adult bookstore nervously. Some bookstores
won't let TVs in the 25cent movies, while others will. It is always touch and go,
and can make for an embarrassing scene. Nevertheless, Clara opened the door and
asked for $5 in tokens. The clerk seemed disinterested and handed Clara her tokens.
Swinging her purse and her hips, Clara stroke into the back section of the store
and up a pair of stairs.

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