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THis isn't a sexual story (just wanted to use

This isn't a story at all, it just goes without saying that. For once in my life I feel popular lol. Its funny because I have been a member of numerous websites where I don't even post my photos of myself as a girl. Just my male pictures and it feels as if people aren't really thrilled if you're a male regardless if you look good or not. People are only interested in girls or transsexuals and if you're the provocative kind like myself? You get noticed ten times. You see I was never really into that whole "classy thing" even when I am male my image is exotic in nature. Women do find my hair to be the best feature (especially African American women). So they ask if they can touch my hair all the time. I became interested in the whole crossdressing thing when I was 14 years old but didn't start doing it until my mid 20s because I was living with my cousins and such..Right now I live with my brother and my mom so I don't dress that way around them because for the most part. My mom would go ballistic if she found out, then criticize me for doing it until I feel bad about myself. My brother knows I have a Transsexual interest because I own over 100 DVDs of the shit
~laughs but he doesn't judge.

Having a place of my own would allow me to dress freely as a woman sometimes, but its what I like doing. I dress as a female when I have privacy to do so, but rarely am. Sometimes I get people wanting to take pro photos of me, or some people wanting me to model for them. Even though I wouldn't mind doing this, the problem with that is...I'm not conferable with dressing as a girl outside of my home. When I first started wearing fishnets and gothic like attire in my teens..It was tough getting use to. People would make fun of me all the damn time and I'd get upset about it. It took me at least one year to get over the taunts and insults from jealous idiots. But mostly I just had that issue with African Americans who targeted me for being different. At times people grew use to my image, and I was getting more respect later on in life for the way I carried myself in society.

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