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Third times the charm!

After my first 2 times with a ts it basically just became an urge that I had to have a need I had to satisfy! Just like regular sex the more I thought about it the more I wanted it. I finally asked Liz if she knew anymore from around where we were. Luckily for me she did and set me up with her friend Nicole. Naturally I was nervous cause I didn't know what to expect but I went with it. So we met up for a date at a movie theater. Which turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me.

So we get in the movie and it's basically just us which is good for the most part, she was a tall redhead with a nice body and very pretty face, after talking and not paying much attention to the movie and getting to know more about each other we start to make out after a bit she looks around unzips my pants and starts jacking me off in the theater as we make out. As she strokes my cock I reach for her to do the same and she stops my hand. Which caught me off guard but I didn't continue before I knew it I was already cumming all over her hands. After the movie I asked her why she didn't let meet and she said not yet. So I leave it alone for now...

So after a couple more dates and I kept trying she still wouldn't let me do it. Till one day we were shopping and I went to try some stuff on and she asked if she can come in with me so I said sure. As try stuff on she slaps my ass and tells me how nice it is. And I look down and start to see her pants start to grow. And she finally tells me "want to see it?" "Hell yeah" is I say., she turns around pulls down her pants revealing her perfect ass, than asks if I'm ready? Before I can say yes she turns and my jaw drops......

I couldn't do anything but stare at her 11 inch thick veiny cock, with a huge head little red patch of hair and the nicest balls I've ever seen. I was speechless, as she walks closer and tells me to kiss it, as soon I as I do she lets out a little whimper and asks me to suck it.

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