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Thinking about shecock

This Ode to shecock was posted at our forum by a great guy Ila. It pretty much sums up the feelings of all ladyboy lovers and I can't think of better words to express love for shemale cock, he already brought it to perfection. ;)

I think about having a shecock in me just as often as I think about sucking cock. I want to feel hard shecock sliding in and out of me. My ladyboy would start by bending me over and then stimulating me with her finger touching and pushing against my anus. She would then lube me up and gradually work one then two fingers into me. When she could feel me loosen up a little she would start to tease me by rubbing the head of her cock against my anus. This would get me quite aroused and excited and I would start pushing back against her cock. She would then push her hard cock a little ways into me and withdraw. She would do this a few times until she got the head of her cock all the way into me. As she got the head of her cock into me I would clamp my sphincter muscles tight, but she would stay still and wait for me to relax the pressure. As soon as she felt me relax she would slide her cock in a little more and slightly withdraw. I would again tighten up my muscles and she would wait for me to relax again.

We would continue like this until she was all the way in me. She would then start stroking her lovely hard cock in and out me; slowly at first and then building up to more force and speed. I would be loving it and pushing back against her to meet her forward thrusts. After several minutes of this she would completely withdraw from me so that I could turn over onto my back. She would then get in between my legs and again penetrate me with her rock hard cock. I would wrap my legs around behind her to hold her into me. She would continue to stroke in and out of me and in no time I would be spraying a big load of cum onto my belly. She would cum right after that emptying her load deep into me. As her cock softened and slid out I would feel her cum start to dribble out of me.

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