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There she goes again

Living a such a lively but small town, upon my arrival back after staying through a few summers and seeing so many beautiful women and girls travel through town, work in town, stores, cafes , shops etc...there is one girl who stood out to me and sticks in mind from the first time I saw her.

One day during last summer a pretty cute younger latina girl maybe 25 or 27 walks past me as I'm sitting out side my normal local chill spot, a pretty busy closed st for shopping etc...she walks past with a young fem Latino male as im sitting in front of my local cigar shop smoking having a glass of wine, they sit directly in the further left side of the closed street closer to main cross street and they both are looking at me on and off, as they are speaking about me. I look but this has become normal to me now so I look away, instantly as always I feel and see she maybe transexual, as her male friend also is male but looks very fem. I instantly began all sorts of imagery of sex with her and considered her male fem friend as a third but was only focused on her in my imagination. Of course i began to slowly get erect as I always do with the instant sight of attractive transsexual women, but I was around the fellas and the daily neighborhood stores and boutiques and sworn to never ever go upon any woman of any kind for any reason any more after certain occurrences that have taken place in my life.
They kept looking over to me as she was actually facing me from across the way and i knew she was starring as i was half erect trying not to let my self get hard, as my mind is racing whether to send a signal of interest or just ignore her. I continued to smoke, drink do what men do and as I came to the agreement within to get up and go over to her table on the closed street, she had left as I turned around to get up and approach her and her friend to greet them. They were gone.

A few weeks later during this time at the same place, she walks past alone as i am in the cigar shop looking out of the door, she is carrying a laundry basket with clothes to wash, and I am like YES! Finally a chance to just speak with her, but of course I hesitate thinking this could be a trap, trick or set up for something, it has happened before.

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