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The Weekend

The weekend

A story inspired by the very sweet and sexy samantha satine and my beautiful wife

Part 1 - The preparation

samantha packed her suitcase with her usual attention to detail, makeup, lingerie, wigs, but no dresses. Her head was confused by this, Master D had given her instructions to pack several changes of silky underwear and plenty of heels and boots but not to worry about dresses or outerwear. "You wont be needing them" he said. samantha's head raced with excitement and a bit of trepidation with those words.

she was going to visit Master D and his wife Mrs D for a weekend of fun if you remember, all samantha had to go on was the overheard playroom conversation, the rest was a secret to her for now. All she knew was to arrive dressed as samantha, in a conservative and demure way.

samantha did her usual routine of shaving, applying makeup and wore a corset with brown stockings attached. Flat shoes were in order due to her driving an hour or so to Master D's house. she topped it off with her more normal of her wigs, applied her jewellery and after double checking her appearance and her case went out the door for the drive.

Part 2 - The arrival

After a hour or so of driving samantha arrived at her destination. Strange she thought, this looks like an industrial estate? A middle aged man walked up to her car and spoke to her.
"Hello samantha we have been waiting for you".
It was Master D. she had never seen him before without his mask and was happily pleased with what she saw, plus she noticed he had a huge erection waiting down there for her she hoped. He bade samantha get out of the car and into the passenger side. A blindfold was put over her eyes and Master D got into the driving seat and drove for a few minutes. For the length of the short journey samantha was thrilled by Master D's hand running up and down her stockinged thigh and was giddy with excitement of what was to come. He helped her out of the car and into the house and samantha was instructed to remove her blindfold.

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