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Three weeks into my gig at Coxon & Dicster had been a blast. At first, a
few of the girls had some reservations about me working there because I
wasn't transgendered myself but I guess I won them over with my naturally
cheerful personality. At least, that's what I thought it was. Hmm....

Anyway, the Monday morning of my fourth week I'd just finished the mail
when Angela came into the mailroom.

"Ben, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, Angela. What's up?

"Well, I know Veronica usually takes care of courtesy client blow jobs but
she had to pick up Debra. Her car broke down and they won't be in for at
least an hour. The client is a little distraught and she needs a nice suck
to take the edge off a bit. You don't mind do you?"

Courtesy blow jobs are a service we offer to clients if they want it.
Sometimes a client needs to relax or calm down and a good blow job often
does the trick. (this is, of course, if the client is pre-op)

"Absolutely not! Glad to help out. Where is she?"

"Conference room B. Thanks so much, Ben."

"No problem at all."

As I said I'd come to love cock and up to now the only cocks I'd had were
the girls in the firm I was looking forward to some new dick

When I reached conference room B at the end of the hall down from the
reception desk, the door was closed so I knocked.

"Come in," a voice inside said.

When I opened the door I got the shock of my life. Sitting in conference
room B, looking as hot and sexy as ever, was none other than Shannon
Stevens the gorgeous weathergirl from Channel 8 news! I couldn't believe

This is the girl that every straight guy in town with a heartbeat lusted
after. A guy in my last job had a shrine to her in his cubicle. Sometimes
when she'd do a remote story a crowd of lust filled men would gather in
mass and drool over her. I was just really hard to believe that 'it' girl
of local TV was really a shemale!

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