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The Vet

I had a sick cat and was really lucky when I was able to squeeze in an appointment with the vet right at the end of the day. I knew that I was pushing it but because I was so desperate to have her looked at after work, I begged on the phone and the receptionist checked with the vet who let me have an appointment after the surgery had officially finished. I was very grateful and planned to make sure that the vet realised that I was genuinely worried an not just making a fuss to get a time that suited me.

Getting the cat in her basket was normally quite a struggle and with not much time to spare I was worried but because she was so poorly she gave in immediately and let me put her in, it was almost like she knew where she was going and that it would make her feel better. I rushed over in the car and only just made it in time, it had been a hard job getting out from the office in time as something like a sick cat did not appeal to my boss or persuade him to let me leave earlier.Anyway I got to the vets and the receptionist was putting on her coat, she said I was lucky as everyone else had gone and she showed me in to his office. We had a quick chat, he looked at the cat and then gave her an injection saying that she should be better in a few days.

It was a great relief and I thanked him and explained that I was so worried and then I found myself bursting in to tears.He put his arm around me and said he understood how I feel and that some of us do feel that pets are more than just animals for us and when they get unwell it can be very stressful. I seemed to lose control and could not stop crying. I think it was the stress from the day at work as well as the worry about my animal and the fact that I had a strong arm around my shoulder. I took a tissue from my bag and tried to calm myself down a bit.

He offered me a seat while he tidied up and I took some deep breaths and tried to calm down. After a few moments have passed I was feeling a lot better and I decided to show him how grateful I was. I was very bold and asked him if I could invite him back to my place for something to eat by way of a thank you.

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