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The Training of Julie

The story of the successul aiteration of a good looking youn man into a stunning, talented, ultra feminine boy/girl

John was about to learn obedience in the strietbatt sense of the word. his whole life style was about to be changed, The rather alightly built, pretty boy of 17 was to become Julie, a boy/girl, changed mentally and physically to perform as a girl,

It all started when he was approached one day by a rather captivating young lady who having Introduced herself quickly won him over to her confidence. They subsequently had several dates and wasn\'t he falling in love with Carol? One day Carol said they had been invited to a costume party and all boys were to come dressed as girls! "It would be so much fun to dress you up, please do it." In the end John gave In to her pleadings and the stage had been set,

The boy did not bargain for what was to follow. When they left for the party John was expensively dressed from head to toe in a Black Satin Maid\'s Uniform with flaired skirt over white petticoats. Nor did Carol overlook nylons and black patent leather shoes with 4" hiels. Under this pretty ensemble John was carefully dressed in fine lingerie, the latter only after some persuasion, It had taken Carol and a friend hours to prepare what his Image in the mirror now revealed to him, a beautiful, beautiful girl. John could not take his eyes off the reflection as the "girl" In the mirror worked on his senses and began to change his mood, Carol knew he would make such a perfict and pretty panty waist and had singled him out for this purpose as we shall see.

Julie was understandably apprehensive and about on the verge of backing out, but Carol\'s reassurances and affections bolstered his courage. Arriving at a rather grand, splendidly landscaped home in the country they were met at the door by a lovely maid dressed exactly like Julie. This shocked him a little but even more so when he soon became aware of three other boys dressed the same way,"no, they just must be girls!" At this point Julie was being introduced to the host, a tall, good looking gentleman with a certain air of authority that Julie found disturbing, especially when he kissed his date rather too long and warmly.

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