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The story of how I became what I am now...

I was on a trip to Germany with some of my friends. I was 16 when this happened. We went to a club one night and I got really drunk. They challenged me to approach a cute girl and ask her for a drink with me. I was drunk so I didn't really care so I went there and bought her a drink. We talked and I (as drunk as I was) realized she was horny so I tried to use that. It paid off so we called a cab went to a motel when I finally realized she wasn't actually a girl. Luckily it didn't matter to me giving the condition I was in so we went all the way. In the middle of sex she asked me to switch. I thought she wanted to switch the pose so I agreed. Then I realized she wanted to fuck me so I said no. She was angry, she didn't want to have sex anymore and I was horny so I thought to myself her dick wasn't that big it wont hurt and I agreed. Boy was I wrong. It hurt like hell in the beginning but later I was starting to like it. As the night passed I was starting to like it more and more. In the morning I was hangover but I remembered everything from last night. I wasn't proud of myself and the things I did but I still liked it. So I wanted to meet with her again and she agreed but under one condition, that we meet at her place and I had to wear girly clothes. It was my first sex experience in life and I wanted more so I said yes. That day I went shopping for some clothes(alone of course I didn't wanted my fiends to find out) and found a nice outfit. I was getting a boner trying it out at my place so I hurried to her place for some more fun. Luckily I was a bit overweight so may boobs looked great in that push up bra That night I gave my first blowjob. It was disgusting and salty and I loved it. We had great sex again, she fuck me more then I did her because I asked her to and she loved it(I know by now that you think she used me but I really loved it so it wasn't important to me). Then came the time to return to my country so I tried to call her so we could stay in contact but she wasn't answering.

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