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The start of "Jae Roxxx"

Well for starters my real name is Joe Evans, I am a male from Pennsylvania, US and 25 years. I been dressing up in the closet as I like to put it, for 4 years on and off, since last year I been getting more into it since I live alone and what not. Like idk what exactly got me turned on to dressing up, I believe it is just a lustrous alter ego I put on when I get really horny as I party. I love the feeling of wearing women clothes and lingerie as well as getting into that promiscuous, slutty attitude I act like and that usually means craving big hard cock lol. So id be lying if I said I were not gay at all cause I do prefer a woman's company as well as her looks but as what all women want is attention and sex is the best way to get that attention from other guys in there case. (just basic human nature) So with the idea of having anyone whether guys or girls starring at me and getting turned on and getting off on the thoughts of all the dirty things I want done to me arouses me and with the tight feel of lingerie, and my face dolled up, body shaved, while being in that feminine mindset and high on speed urges me to behave like a slut and that's where I think it comes from. I kind of had a fucked up life honestly to resort to wanting to whore my self for pleasure and basically become a "sissy" as a lot call it, even though there's nothing wrong with being gay, bi, trans, being a sissy or anything else for that matter I cant help but to feel out of place because of the social stigma created by my parents and how much it stuck in my head and how much I ignored a lot of things through out the years. That is why even after 4 years I have failed to socialize my new discovery in my sexuality with anyone on a friend, intimate or even just chatting online because I have always let my thoughts of what ppl would think of me and how it would effect me. Well I'm done holding back I am determined now more then ever to reach out, socialize and hook up with other CDs and trans girls and whoever is a fan of the CD/TS life.

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