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The Sex Business and Market Research by Katrina Electrika

In my 52 years, one of the things I have done is work in The Global Market Research Sector. I've done everything in it from Designing Market Research Surveys to even Researching whom it Would Be that would like or need to have a market research study done! haha! Yes, well..... I remember back in about 2014, I had predicted that a company named Spreecast would be out of business soon, probably within the next year.... sure enough, I read a year later that they had closed up. . . . Sure, I just sat back, summed it up in two seconds considered the demographic and all the technology and communications platforms and the feasibility of what they were obviously trying to do and made my conclusion. The owners I had found out(finding things out, haha...yes, kind of my Forte in life...) were all these kids of Extremely Wealthy moms and dads, so they were rich too. They had got millions and millions in Investments I found to start it up... ooops, lost it all. Anyways, so what is my point? Oh just some Good News for in that I can tell you this will always be in business because the Biggest Sellers in Life are The Grocery Business and Sex, NOTHING TOPS these TWO, not even Oil and Gas. Sure...... nobody spends $300.00 bucks a week on gas and oil for their vehicles, maybe the odd company does say like a landscaping company, but not everyday citizens...but they DO spend a good couple to a few hundred bucks on Groceries a week and just about as much on Sex-related things. So there ya have it kids. haha, Enjoy.

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