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The Search. . for Mariana Cordoba - Info from last 36hrs. . .

This is a Quote from Mariana on her Wordpress in 2012 I Just Found - It proves I am Correct that she did NOT have HIV, but Anorexia Nervosa, which to all Outward Appearances produces the same Shriveled TOO THIN to the point of almost sickly kind of look as HIV, though the underlaying CAUSE being completely different, that being simply NOT EATING. And yes Anorexia Nervosa DOES KILL, that is what killed Karen Carpenter and still continues to kill many, many people in the world to this day, unfortunately. - So Charlie Sheen had Mistakenly BLAMED Mariana for ' giving him HIV ' - it was NEVER TRUE. And of course this myth simply got exacerbated by others who saw Mariana around years 2012 and 2013 at about age 32 and 33 thereabouts when she was becoming severely Anorexic. . . I mean, Here is The Evidence right here in her blog. Mariana had wanted to sort of disappear also from the public eye after Charlie Sheen started bad mouthing her and being Angry at Mariana because he thought this HIV from her thing was true, his anger was frightening Mariana, so she DID try to get OUT of The Scene a little more than somewhat at this time. . There are probably millions of Mariana Fans who have never even to This Day READ this post on her Wordpress Page, I just saw THIS today. . . Anyways here it is, The TRUTH.......

Mariana : "Hi there, guys! I missed you so much, but I now will explain why I was keeping silence for so long! One of my recent posts considered my look and mood when I was looking at my body and estimating my body and look… this experience haunted my mind for several days and I could not find a reason why! I thought again and again about it and finally it just clicked in my mind! I added a few pounds! I know that all of you, guys, think that I am looking great but my butt has turned into something awful …. Wanna that picture? Here it is… you should remember it from one of my recent posts!
That was why I decided to keep to a diet for a while, but as I am a stubborn and capricious babe I need everything and right now, not in a week or two as glam magazines teach us, but in a few days.

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