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The receptionist

After a long exchange of mails and chats on skype i was asked to meet a cd girlfriend at a hotel in London for a week end of fun , we decided for a saturday and sunday meeting , i take charge to book the hotel room , but because i was also into a shopping day for lingerie and shoes i booked for a Friday evening , so i could spend the saturday morning at the shopping centre . I pack some stuff a pair of high heels platforms , some nice lingerie , a red minidress , my makeup and a couple of wigs just in case . When i arrived at the hotel reception around 9 p.m the reception crewe was about to change and i wait for this to happen . The receptionist for the night shift was an Italian guy , not a really beauty but very gentle and educated , i notice for first the eyebrows nicely done and nails cured , after the signing of the paper and credit card swipe i dare to ask if he take care himself of his eyebrows and nails , or if he went to some beauty centre , he told me that he study in Italy makeup artist , beauty and hairdresser but he went in London for study the english , i reply he did a great job and that i wish he have time to do mine so nicely , he then smile and ask if i really like the stile , he can do it for me but i have to wait until 2a.m when he was really sure nobody will need his services at the desk , we keep chatting and we make friends , he confess me he was an admirer of shemales and he love to do makeover services for crossdresser , as he have a few friends whom are girly . The chat was turning kind of hot , so i told him i was a cd too and confess that i had a meeting for the night after , so he reply to go on my room and wait for him to come and do my makeup , and fix my eyebrow if you fancy you can get dressed he told with a smile .So i went up on my room , get on the shower and start to dress up , i watch on the mirror and i see i was sexy , but some was missed ...... my make up , after a while Marco ( the guy name ) knocked on my door and he look at me and he says i was very sexy and he really love the long blond hairs .

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