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The picture.. (foot fetish)

So I've been into Erotic roleplaying for a while now, and recently about two months ago I had this really fun and kinky experience. A partner of mine which I usually roleplay with over a communication program were just talking about, and one thing lead to another and eventually we just started dirty talking. He originally thought I was female probably, but I didn't realise that. It had been pretty clear on that said server that I was a crossdresser. But for some reason he still thought I was a female. He asked me for a picture. I said I can give you one of my feet if that's something you'd like. He quickly agreed and I shared the picture I took. Again, one thing lead to another we went in a call where I muted everything of course cause he wanted to cum for me over the picture.. It was an odd but interesting experience I guess. Hope some people at least got a laugh or some pleasure out of it.. much love Louise!

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