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Aileen was quite a lonely girl. As a shemale, she had always found relationships very difficult and often didn't go out of her way to meet new people because she either felt she wanted to hide who she was or they were put off knowing her when they found out.

She chatted to a few people on line about her predicament and found that hiding behind her computer helped her to open up a little bit. She even managed to find other shemales to talk to and she began t feel much better about who she was, although she was still very shy.One of her friends had suggested that she look at some porn videos and web cam sites to find out more about other girls like herself and help her to feel more relaxed about things. It made Aileen feel rather good when she saw how attractive some people found shemales and she realised that she had something which some people really liked. The more web cam sites the more she felt that she would like to perform like that.It often turned her on to imagine what it would be like for her to play with herself in front of a camera with others watching. She had spent so long hating her body that the thought that others might be getting off on seeing her was a great confidence boost to her. She started to make some investigations and found out that there were websites where she could broadcast her web cam show live, so she bought herself a web cam and got it all connected to her computer.

The thought of doing the show had given her some of the best orgasms that she had ever had and so she could not imagine what it might be like when she was actually doing it.She practised without broadcasting just to make sure that she was properly in shot and enjoyed the thought that next time she was doing it she would be live and people would actually be able to tune in and see her.

She decided not to tell her on line friends what she was going to do as she preferred the thought that it would be strangers watching her rather than people that she knew.As the time approached for her broadcast, she found herself becoming quite nervous at times and then at other times unable to contain her erection because she was so excited. She got herself ready with a few minutes to go. She had combed her long hair until it was shiny and laid it either side of her breasts.

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