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The One That Got Away

I was out on a Friday night seriously just looking for a couple beers and a burger. I had a lot of work to do around the yard and house on Saturday and was having some guests for brunch on Sunday. Full weekend, tired from the week. I went downtown to a new gastro pub I’d seen reviewed in the local paper. Casual night, autumn upstate, jeans, old boots and a tee shirt with my old Carhartt jacket.

The place was busy but not ridiculously crowded. Nice atmosphere, décor was old school UK pub and done well, not some cheesy tourist shit. I got a pint of something dark and what the Hell, a shot of whiskey and ordered the Irish stew. There were plenty of people of all ages in the place and I let my eyes roam as I sipped my drinks. The jukebox was blaring away; everyone was having a good time. I ordered another beer as my stew came and I was enjoying that, too. I might’ve found my new local.

I headed to take a piss, the water I’d drank at the house and the beers hitting me. I paid my tab and headed to the restrooms in the back down a long corridor with a couple turns and as I left the Gents after pissing, I noticed someone standing near the Ladies. She was about 5’7”, curvy and svelte in jeans and a sweater. I smiled or something and she said, “It’s a one person, anyone in there?” When I said no, she slid past me, brushing up against me and smelling good, and said, “Come in and watch the door for me.”

I like pussy sometimes too so I slid inside and as she walked to the stalls, I put my back against the door. She turned on her heel and gave me a mischievous grin and walked to the urinal, unzipping her jeans to reveal turquoise lace as she passed me. I listened as she pissed loudly and heavily, my cock growing. She looked at me over the divider, her black hair a tousled bob, and smiled a sly smile, “You must be scandalized and freaked out!” I smiled back, shaking my head and rubbing my crotch, “Baby I am anything but. Wanna go for a ride with me?”

She shook it out and zipped up and stepped to me and we embraced, kissing passionately.

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