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The Mocha Club... A Wife's Awakening

Fran had spent a restless evening in her hotel room, flicking through the channels on the television, finishing the large glass of red that room service had brought her and writing up the actions from the client meeting earlier that day. Now she was bored. It didn't help that the hotel her manager had booked her into was located on the main street in the unfamiliar town, and that the sounds of the bars and clubs were making their way through her window to tease her. The low bass from the sound systems, the laughter of the people below wandering from bar to bar teasing and tempting her from the solitude of that lonely hotel room.

She had promised Reuben she would have an early night. After all, it had been a long week already, capped off by the long drive across the country, and the 3 hour sales pitch earlier, but her loving husband was nearly 600 miles away at home, so he wouldn't mind if she slipped out for another glass of wine. She had earned it too. An intense round of negotiations had ultimately ended with her closing the deal with the prospective client her company had been chasing for 6 months. And finally they had the signature on the contract. She thought about the commission she would earn from that sale alone, and smiled smugly. She deserved a proper drink. She deserved to celebrate, and so with adrenaline still coursing through her veins, high on the thrill of the chase and winning the business, Fran scooped up her phone and her keys, grabbed her expensive designer handbag and headed for the door...


The Mocha club was hidden away down a side street, away from the main street with all of its bars, burger and taxi joints. It was easy to miss, but it was also well known to a lot of the local residents. It seemed to stand back, separating itself from the rest of the town's nightlife. The club, like its clientele was distinctly and deliberately aloof and cool. Most definitely an acquired taste; small, dark and intimate. Seedy was a word that was often used to describe it, but it was the place to go if you liked your music. The loud, generous portions of bass pounded through the large club speakers and echoed around the relatively small room. The sound of the heavy dubstep, drum and bass almost made the walls shake and Fran was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

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