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The Man of Her Dreams

Rita was often alone. She found it very difficult to have relationships with anyone, even just on a friend level. Being a shemale meant that she had faced ridicule a lot of her life and she sometimes found it easier to just shut herself away, She had been in relationships in the past, but the men she had been with always seemed to expect her to be a slut because she was a shemale often falsely accusing her of having affairs or they were rough with her, some even hitting her which she did not like. The sex was always rough and frantic and sometimes even hurt her, not the way she liked it at all.

The last few years she had decided that enough was enough and she deserved someone better, she had conjured up in her head the type of man that she wanted and this morning in bed she was thinking about her dream man.

She wanted someone who would love her and accept her for who she was, not expecting her to change or be anyone else. Someone who would take her into his strong arms and hold her, protect her from the world and look after her. Someone who would not ridicule her tears but kiss them away gently and hold her close until she felt good again, someone who would touch her skin tenderly, worship her body and make her feel beautiful.

Rita saw no reason why a man would not find her beautiful. She had lovely long hair which had a gentle curl and was a pretty brown colour, she always kept it in good condition and wore it loose over her shoulders. She had soft skin and full lips and her make was always impeccable. She moisturised and waxed regularly so her skin was smooth and soft. She looked after herself and so her body was slim and toned but not overly muscular. Her breasts were perfectly rounded with beautiful nipples which hardened at a soft touch, just like she was touching them now, running her fingers gently over her soft skin and rolling her nipples between her fingers, just enough to make them erect.She was always naked in bed, as it made her feel good, how the sheets lay on her skin.

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