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The Lonely Encounter

I'm sitting at the hotel bar, nursing my drink, lost in thought. Wife and I had a big argument, and she kicked me out of the house for the night. I was quite content to spend the evening getting drunk, and hardly noticed when you sat in the seat next to me. Your friendly greeting roused me from deep thought, and I mumble a reply. You tell me I look pretty sad and asked if maybe you could help cheer me up. I was about to tell you that I just wanted to be alone, but as I looked over at your smiling face, something told me a little chat with a stranger might help.

We exchanged names, you Chris Moore, and me, Steve Jones. As we chatted, I couldn't help but notice how handsome you were, and how soft your voice was. There was something about your mannerism that, at first, confused me, but I was feeling a little more upbeat, a few drinks help too, and I sort of shined it on. But the more we talked, and the conversation stirring to my fight with the wife, you started telling me that I should just forget the wife tonight, and just have a relaxing evening.

We were getting along so well, and feeling a little tipsy, you finally said "You know Steve, I think I know just what you need". I looked at you, surprised, as you proceeded to tell me you could provide a substitute for my wife, for the evening, and smiled warmly at me. A little confused, I haphazardly said yea, right, look around, there are only 2 women in this bar, and they are obviously attached. You laughed as you softly said, you never know, there might be one you haven't even seen yet. With a very confused look on my face, you went on to tell me you had a friend, up in your hotel room, who just might enjoy the company of a lonely husband.

With my mind racing, having never cheated on my wife in the 30 years we been married, the tempting idea of having a hot, passionate night with a complete strange woman, occupied my brain. I fell silent as you slipped a key into my hand. Room 207, you whispered. Give it 20 minutes, then come on up. I could hardly think straight, wondering if I could pull it off. Finally, 20 minutes later, I walk up to the room, knocking on the door with a shaking hand.

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