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The Hottest Shag With Naughty Sheena!

I was home one night, feeling kind of down and lonely and that is why I started browsing the dating sites. I wasn't really serious about it, I just needed something to occupy my mind. I came across of free shemale chat and thought to myself that it might be fun. I started chatting with a really stunning brunette lady. Her name was Sheena and that's how it all started.

She was very tall, with long beautiful legs. She had an athletic build, firm, round ass and and beautiful breasts. And the moment I saw her I wanted to rip her ass apart. We have spent months talking about all sorts of stuff and then we started to spice up our sessions. One night,she told me she would love to feel my cock up in her ass, and that just the thought of it is making her hard and bursting. I must say she was more than attractive, and that my cock was up and ready.

I proposed that we should meet and that online shemale chat was no longer enough.We agreed to meet and I couldn't wait. She came to my house one night. She showed up dressed in a short, tight black dress. I could see her shape, long legs, sexy butt and perky titties. I could barely control myself, but I didn't want to rush it and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

She kissed me softly, and then I felt her cock getting stiff. She was still standing when I lifted up her dress and started fondling her big dick. She had the most fuckable butt, and I just couldn't wait anymore, I folded her over the table, and dived into her sexy cheeks, licking and devouring her firm buttocks and ass hole. My cock was ready to explode into her, and I slid my pulsating tool into her tight ass hole.

She was a beast, and she was shaking her ass wildly now. She was giving my cock the best shag and she wouldn't stop until I released my sperm right into her pink ass. Then she turned around, and stuffed my mouth with her strong wang, and I swallowed that dick with delight. She filled my throat with her sperm, while I was playing with her beautiful breasts. I will never forget my first night with Sheena. Thanks to shemale chat I now have the most beautiful girl in the world!

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