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The girl that I miss so much

As if they are in collusion, our readers posted some really interesting stuff in the last 3 days I'm very glad to publish a second tgirl story in a row today. Our reader Sy from Johannesburg tells us about a beautiful girl that he spent un unforgettable evening with, and she seemed to love him too but sadly she thought they should not be together... Enjoy reading.

I'm working in Johannesburg's northern suburb of Sandton and I had to go to a meeting downtown and so I left a bit early as I know traffic is crazy that side and so I ended up sipping a coffee at one of the street cafes and in the table opposite the was this hot girl wearing a red dress also enjoying her strawberry juice. I suddenly noticed her glance at me but was reluctant to make a move. She smiled at me and made a comment but couldn't hear clear and asked her to rephrase it but still I couldn't hear and so she moved closer and told me that she was just greeting me and asked if she could join me and with no doubt I agreed. She was smart and we could talk about almost everything and I had to ask as to where she was working but she told me that she not working anymore as recession cost her the job. She said that she was staying in a flat closer by but she will be leaving in a couple of months, I told her that I had to leave as my meeting was gonna start in 30 and I gave her my business card. Later that day I got a text message telling me that I look like a great company, I phoned and only to find that it was her and we spoke for a long time.

After a week and a couple of days of chatting and phoning she asked if I wouldn't mind coming over at some point for dinner and I told her to set the date and time and I will see if I can make it. She told me to come one thursday around 7pm and I used a metered taxi to go there and she welcomed me into her apartment. We set, enjoyed food and spoke about our lives and listened to music. I must say it was very nice and we ended up kissing and curdling, she was the best. At about 1am I had to leave so that I can relax for work the following day, friday, and we kissed a lot as she was walking me to a taxi.

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