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The dream of a lifetime

Went to bed and my dream was me french kissing a hot shemale. I licked than kiss her each sexy boob also giving it a little sucking action. I put my cock in her ass and drilled her for a little. Than I let her put her sexy cock in my ass it lasted a while oh how it was an amazing feeling. I loved the slow and long motions she did to my ass and I did really enjoyed fast too. Than I went to suck her hard juicy cock and she suck mine going different speeds when we felt like it. It taste so salty it was so good. She came, and so did I while it happen as I has going up and down I gulped up as much sperm I can put down my throat. We than went to take a shower and we clean each other up. The next few times we had sex we reverse the order, mixed up, and even role play. I realize later in the dream we are married and she liked the same things I did. Oh such an amazing and wonderful dream

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