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The Doctor’s Appointment (a very short BBC sissy hypno story)

Nurse Pip loved nothing more than being stretched wide by her black master.

Her silly little white boi brain, so full of pink cotton candy, didn’t need to think as she rode the black god on the consulting room bed.

She was dreaming of all the superior black cum she would soon be enjoying, when Doctor Bernard burst through the door, muttering an apology about barging into the room, despite its engaged sign, but just needing to check on a patient’s results.

Looking up, he froze at the unexpected scene before him. A tranny ‘nurse’ if you could call this porno parody that, with long blonde wig, heavy makeup, white fishnets and pink pvc uniform with ridiculously large false tits, astride a large muscular black man in mid-intercourse. A heady musky smell of sex filled the room.

“Where’s Doctor Phillips?” he managed to blurt out as the nurse dismounted with a giggle, revealing the full extent of a very well-endowed large black cock, which contrasted so strongly with the white boi’s own small flaccid member.

Doctor Bernard, a young fit 30-something junior doctor, had never really thought about the old saying that ‘black is always bigger’ before, but the cock before him now would surely prove the point.

“Doctor Phillips had to be someone else” said the black man, as the thought popped unexpectedly into Doctor Bernard’s head. “But everything is fine” he added, stepping towards Doctor Bernard, the musky smell growing much stronger.

And as he said it Doctor Bernard did indeed feel himself relax, it was ok, Doctor Phillips was somewhere else. Wait, that was what the man had said, wasn’t it?

The black man took a final step up to Doctor Bernard, the intense musky smell making his head spin. And Doctor Bernard looked into the man’s piercing blue eyes as he explained that the nurse had been examining his superior black cock.

Doctor Bernard gazed down at the masterful member in question, as it gently swung from side to side like a pendulum. The Black man was still talking as his eyes followed the superior cock back and forth. But Doctor Bernard wasn’t really listening. Instead a flood of new thoughts started cascading through his mind.

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