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The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man
It was late in November and autumn was slowly turning into winter. Katie had been in her home office working since 5am some 10 hours... She was dressed casually in joggers and little makeup… But as time wore on she began to feel that she needed a fella and fast. She decided to give Chris a call to see if he was at a loose end as he was rugged, handsome & hung like a donkey.”What Katie would do to have all *8 inches shoved down her throat… So she dialled the number but no answer… “damn it” she thought. Who else? She tried a few numbers but no takers. She gave up and tried to focus on work, but it was no good she needed a man…
It had been about 6 hours since she had eaten and thought about preparing a meal. Then she remembered that the delivery driver from where she had ordered her last takeaway was flirting with her she hadn’t been dolled up but okay and he probably knew that she was really a guy in drag… He was dark and handsome not the tallest but okay I wondered if his cock was big and this aroused Katie…
So she decided that she was going to town on the drag order some meat and see who delivers.
So first in the shower to remove any hair. Then up to the dressing table. There she slapped the makeup on she was absolutely caked in makeup false lashes/nails painted and some really tarty perfume. Then onto the clothes firstly was stockings and suspenders Tan stockings and ultra-glossy (tarty)… then bra and matching knickers in leopard print… A small maroon coloured mini skirt just covering her stocking tops… And a black low cut top… Onto accessories lots of this get his blood boiling she thought, so she went with large hoop earrings a bold gold necklace one or too rings and a bracelet followed buy a tarty ankle bracelet. The wig was auburn in a short bob and she soaked it with hairspray. (she loves the smell of hairspray) … Black patent leather court shoes completed the look. “Now I’m ready”
By this time, it was about 5pm and the restaurant was now open she decided to order for 7pm so she could have a couple of peach schnapps first…
She dialled the number and order a small lamb kebab.

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