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The Dark Backwards Ends !

These three ladies kind of cornered me. I'm looking down at a semi erect cock dangling from a miniskirt. The transsexual saw my reaction to her beige colored dick and asked " Do you want to taste it ? " Just as I was about to answer, a sharp knock at the bathroom door and a shrill voice followed " No soliciting ! Take that shit outside !" The ladies quickly turned and made some quick tucks and adjustments and headed for the door. The prettiest of the trio tuned to me and said "Meet us outside." I nodded in agreement and waited a couple of minutes before existing the john.

I quickly left the diner and headed for the parking lot. The trio patiently waited and I approached. I immediately started in after the prettiest one. I was very forward with her. I pulled her close to me. The lights of the diner gave me the perfect view of her. There was nothing remotely masculine about her very pretty. I asked, " Do you have a man ?" She answered in the negative. I held the small of her back. Her friends commented on how cute we looked together. I agreed. She was intoxicating. I could feel her cock beating through her skirt. I slid my hand down and slowly stroked her cock. Her friends ran up to watch. I started kissing her neck.

I could feel a little pre-cum on my fingertips. She pulled away slowly and straightened up her dress. I wanted more. " How much you got daddy?" I showed her a $50 and it got her attention. I waived it and she took it. We then got into my car. I was nervous. I couldn't believed I stroked a cock. I was thinking about it throbbing in my hand and how anxious I was to really get to live out what til that point had only been fantasy. I had to say something to her; so I asked "What's your name sweetheart ? " She replied, " Tandy". She instructed me where to turn in this very small town. I finally pulled up to a brick bungalow . She got out and walked up the driveway . It was really dark and at first I thought I was going to get robbed.

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