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The Curse (Sissy Story) by sdvine

I wasn't really having a good time that night at the bar. Truth be told, I had been practically dragged out in the first place by my best friend Joe, who told me he was tired of me "sitting on (my) ass" every night "finding new ways to be boring." Quite frankly, if this is what qualified as being not boring, I'd rather be bored to tears. To begin with, I'm not much of a drinker, so leaving the house to go to place designed for buying and consuming alcohol made little sense to me. Additionally, I'm not what you'd call a people person. I was generally okay with individual people as met them, but the larger the crowd, the more I'd want to run in the other direction. Joe basically threatened me if I didn't stay put for at least a couple hours, so I spent the time sitting at the bar, sipping on amaretto sours (an affectation I had picked up in college), and generally trying to be invisible.

Finally, I felt I had put in enough time, so I finished the drink in front of me, paid my tab, and told Joe I was out of there. He started to protest, and it became clear he drove me figuring I'd be stuck there, but he didn't figure I wouldn't mind walking the 6 blocks or so. I probably would have walked anyway, as he was obviously d***k enough that I wouldn't have let him drive me at all. I left him to resume his conversation with what looked like a table of sorority girls from the local college, and headed out in to the night.

It was actually a pretty nice night, clear and not too cool. The street lights threw enough light, but even where they had been broken or burnt out, the full moon in the night sky managed to bathe things in enough light. I found the walk quite pleasant, and realized that even nursing the three amaretto sours had given me a light buzz. I thought to myself that at least the night out had provided me with a relaxing walk.

When I got to my building, standing at the top of the short set of stairs that led to the front door, was a woman looking a little worse for wear.

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