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The Coma Girl Brain Transplant

[This frivolous story is something I put together as an entry for a comedy competition earlier this year, not to be taken at all seriously, a bit more sci-fi than erotica, more of a mind-fuck than anything else so it’s not jerk-off material but hopefully some of you might still enjoy it]

Thankfully, the trial was little more than a formality. I walked from the courthouse a free man, albeit a man with a heavy cloud over his head. I was cleared of the grievous bodily harm of my girlfriend by a jury of five men, four women and three non-binaries. The accusation levelled at me by the prosecution was that I had set out to purposely and maliciously cause traumatic head injuries to my girlfriend. My defence was that it was a sex game gone wrong, accidental injury by misadventure.

Luckily for me there was no way that the jury could have avoided my story in the media before the trial. Let me start by explaining a little about myself. I'd reunited with and started dating my childhood sweetheart back in 2035 and had four relatively happy years living together. I say 'happy', there were the usual ups and downs, she'd had three affairs already which I was less than enthused about. In fact, if I were pushed, I might go as so far as to call her bit of a hussy, if you'd pardon my French. I'm sorry for using such profane language but sometimes my anger issues get the better of me.

Even more annoyingly, she did little to hide her indiscretions. It almost felt as if she'd wanted to get caught. The last time I caught her, she was in bed with a man on a Saturday afternoon, when I wasn't even at work! Obviously, I apologised for bursting in the door and disturbing them, then swiftly left the room in embarrassment. Outside the door, I'd had a second thought and politely knocked my way back in to ask if I could watch...

"No!" she snapped, "Get the fuck out!"

"Okay, sorry," I said, rather peeved, and went to the kitchen to bake some blueberry muffins. 'Freshly baked muffins would be lovely,' I thought, 'but I hope HE doesn't hang around too long afterwards.'

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