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The Century Gurl Too

The Century Gurl Too

Hey There! It’s me again.
So, its been about a week now and I’ve been trading some serious flirting and dry humping around the office with my beautiful black haired T-Gurl. One day, she cornered me in the break room and asked if I would like a special protein drink for lunch. I replied, with at ouch of sarcasm in my voice. “I you want your cock sucked, just say so. That innuendo is just weak and dusty.” She gave me a mock frown, “Fine, My cock ain’t gonna suck itself, and I’m horny. Would you kindly do me in the restroom?”

I didn’t mind, and she seemed pretty pent up. She went off pretty quick. “So whatcha planned for tonight?” I asked. “Friday night, maybe we can raise some hell then spend the night having some wild sex.” Her expression told me she was feeling a bit disappointed. “I have to have dinner with the family tonight. What about tomorrow?” The Light bulb went on. When I thought about it it all fell in place.
“I’m going to a Computer Swap Meet in the Morning, but will be done by about noon or so, then we can have the rest of the day. Ya think you can handle wandering around at a Nerd Convention?” She giggled. “You don’t need to upgrade your Hard Drive Kiddo, I think it’s fine.”

My internal groan slowly subsided and I said. “Yeah, it does pretty good, and I’d love to show you just how good.” I would address the elephant in the room. “I love feeling you fill me up so much, but I would also be in heave to bury my cock in your rear and pump it full of my hot cum.” She backed me against the wall, and placed one arm against the wall beside me. Her face was close to mine and she whispered. “Are you asking for a committed relationship?” it seemed there was more, but I began to nod.

“Don’t be so fast. Make sure this is what you want. I’m having fun, and your the kind of perv I just love to have sex with. No one gets my ass though, unless we are exclusive.” I gave her a crooked grin and nodded. “My ass is all yours, and I promise that yours is the only hole I will sink my dick into.”
She leaned in, kissed my ear and whispered. “Proposal Accepted.” then she bit my earlobe and drew some blood. I hissed but kept my voice low. “So what time do we hit the road lover?” I told her we need to be on the way down the road by seven o’clock tomorrow morning. The weekend just began.

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